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I found a m-audio midi interface in the bottom of my closet. 

While I was looking for a battery pack for our weed eater that I have somehow misplaced--also missing is our handheld steamcleaner--I found a m-audio midisport 2x4.  Weird! I found it at the bottom of the closet with cables in a plastic grocery bag from a store in town that closed around the time of the Great Recession. It was buried underneath mementoes from elementary school. Why? How?

It has to have been there 20 years --around 9/11--given that it uses an OS 9 driver. The problem with that? I started…

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Someone ask Al Gore if we are inviting aliens to a "car wash" for me. 

I used to be up on my climate change infomercials, but it's been a few years, so I thought I'd catch up by watching an Al Gore video this afternoon:

Turns out, I had missed a lot in my absence! Right now, there are people--if I understood correctly--wanting to cool coat the planet like you would a house.

Using chalk.

Al did not sound like his usual hipster self when he poo-pooed this idea. Well, you can just call me Betty!  (with apologies to Paul Simon)


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