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Wendolynn Landers

 — (MST, UTC-07) — (MST, UTC-07)

University of Arizona --the stage near the bookstore

I'll be playing piano improv at the Tucson Festival of Books on the acoustic instrument stage near the bookstore.

Piano Improv with Wendolynn Landers

 — (MST, UTC-07) — (MST, UTC-07)


A half-hour piano improv concert via Zoom. Tickets are sale priced at $5. General audience.

Click the play button to listen while you read. Come back tomorrow afternoon and listen some more!

Click the play button to listen while you read. Come back tomorrow afternoon and listen some more!

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Are you a business looking for an mp3 to play during your workday? Download my eight hours mp3 of piano improv here.

Businesses can customize their day-long music with aspirational quotes, thanking their employees for their hard work, informercials for their customers, and thanking their customers for their loyalty, just to name a few possibilities. Prices will vary for customization, so contact me for more information.

I'd like to hear from music supervisors who like my piano improv, as well as music producers who would like a custom sample library--regardless of whether or not they already know what kinds of sounds they want!  :)   I'm open to requests for proposals from film and TV music supervisors, and music producers. Listen to sample cues here.

Some of my life experience includes mixing the praise band during Sunday morning services at First Presbyterian Church in Casa Grande, Arizona for a year circa 2014, as well as playing piano for the Central Arizona College jazz band from 2014-2016.

If you are a performer who needs to make a demo for academic work, a singer-songwriter who would like a demo to pitch your song, or a band who wants to make a demo to raise interest in your group, contact me with your specific need.

Are you an author, residing in Tucson, wanting to make an audiobook? Email me the details. I'm accepting requests for proposals for audiobooks, locally.

...and if you need your piano tuned, just email!  :)    I charge the standard rate, provided the piano is in good condition. Contact me for details.

I'll also consider a request for proposal for tutoring services as well.  :)    I tutored math while I was a student at the University of Arizona in Tucson, as well as at Central Arizona College in Coolidge: developmental math through calculus. I'm willing to tutor some writing and sociology, too, so let me know. If it's a worthy cause, I'll either find time or give you a referral. Click here for more info.

Since I'm trained to do polling, which includes questionnaire design and focus groups, if you are a Tucson business who needs to know the best way to collect information about your customers or employees, send me a request for proposal, and I will let you know how I can help.

Why did I take a break from polling? Response rates were too low to interpret the data.

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