The Way with Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen 

I am so glad that someone who reads my newsletter recommended watching The Way with Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen. 

It was difficult for me to watch this the first time through. I kept having to stop the film and give myself some space. The second time watching seems to be going faster. I suspect it was written before cell phones became ubiquitous. Perhaps the dialogue was adjusted to account for the technological advance. In my youth, I wouldn't know where family and friends were when they were…

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I'm taking some time off of teaching--avoiding being caught in the crossfire over masks and critical race theory.

So for now, I will be concentrating on writing background music for film and tv. 

Once I get my review back from Writer's Digest for Improvising to Beat the Band, I'll start work on the audiobook.

Anything interesting going on? Let me know.

Best!  :)

The Blackwell Ghost 

Best I can tell, the Blackwell Ghost is a mockumentary, but only the director actually knows for sure if the ghost's part is for real or staged. It would serve him right to have staged a bunch of special effects, then have an actual ghost show up and bang on the walls or move the furniture around. Viewers keep wondering if it's fake or real. Why can't it be both?



I love the movie Arkansas. 

I love the movie Arkansas.

My favorite line is when she (unknown name) explains why she isn't going to kill herself (it's a sin), so she's waiting on the Lord to strike her dead!

Mystify Michael Hutchence 

I just watched the 2020 documentary Mystify Michael Hutchence.

I'm sure it was painful to make, but I'm glad they did. It was information that I needed to know.

Having been hit on the head, around 1992, I can relate.


Second shot 

I got my second shot earlier in the week. I'm getting over the reaction to it. 

Sometime over the next couple of weeks I should be fully immunized against the covid. 

Getting the second shot wasn't as trippy as getting the first one, although there was a strange occurrence with a woman trying to check out a bottle of diet soda one check-out line over from us, and having it spill in a strange way. It was strange enough that if I ever describe what happened, I'm putting it in a novel. 

But I just went back…

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