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Vous lisez ceci depuis l'Ile-de-France ? 

Vous lisez ceci depuis l'Ile-de-France ? N'hésitez plus et inscrivez-vous à ma newsletter !  :)  Si vous avez besoin d'une partie de mon anglais clarifié, vous pouvez réplique à mes newsletters si vous le souhaitez. Je suis dans l'attente de votre réponse. Il y a beaucoup de visiteurs sur mon site web d'Ile-de-France, et ce serait bien de rester en contact.


I'm taking some time off of teaching--avoiding being caught in the crossfire over masks and critical race theory.

So for now, I will be concentrating on writing background music for film and tv. 

Once I get my review back from Writer's Digest for Improvising to Beat the Band, I'll start work on the audiobook.

Anything interesting going on? Let me know.

Best!  :)

Al Franken’s January 12, 2020 podcast was an interview with Lawrence O’Donnell. 

What to say? Al’s impersonation of Bernie Sanders could have been mistaken for Bernie, to my ears, except for a little bit of the speech’s wording. Both Al and Lawrence broke out with their original accents. Lawrence said that he got bored with football in his mid-twenties and hasn’t watched it since. At no point did Al start calling Lawrence, “Larry,” (thank you, Al!). Lawrence’s lack of ambition and uncanny knack for stumbling into opportunities, as well as his ability to build on these serendipitous…

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