Improvising to Beat the Band is a compilation of three novellas: Dieting after she Died; Love & All Its Glory (Is Never Going to Be for Me); Just Let Time Pass

November 8, 2022

Hi Wendy,

I just finished reading your novel and wanted to share some thoughts and perhaps someone else might read this and decide to read your book.  First of all, it takes real courage to even write a novel for many reasons but most of all you are giving the reader a part of yourself in the writing.  For me , I must admit I purchased the book after meeting you at the vendors fair in Arizona City.  I thought it was about Death and Dying and for personal reasons I might find something in it to help me.  I soon discovered the message was about anorexia and the little understood problems that come about in a person and many associated people's lives .  So I did find help in something I had given little thought about but now because of your book, I feel very different about this subject.  Thank you for your labor and courage. Please write some more when you are able. 

Ron Ehninger

Arizona City. AZ

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Just Let Time Pass

The lives and loves of several characters involved with the intricacies of the music business dominate this novel with careful delineation of their motivations and ambitions as well as their faults. The tangle of their relationships at work and personally enables the reader to envision their triumphs and setbacks as they contend with each and the vicissitudes of an exacting field of activity. Each character comes across vividly. One learns about the craft of songwriting as well as the inspirations that led to their creation. Seeing some of the specific lyrics evolved provides an excellent insight into the creative process. Concerts, tours, recording sessions, music videos, instruments-including a "wind harp", marketing and public relations all help to sustain the plot as the characters seek to mark their own personal performance. The action takes place in both the U.S. and Ireland. Police work also enters the picture with a band taken into custody. A séance scene is particularly fascinating. ” - Judge, 26th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards--This review is of the stand-alone paperback novella.