The Scholomance Film Institute

The Scholomance Film Institute, located in the mountains over Lake Hermanstadt, has always maintained an extremely generous tuition waiver for 90 percent of its students. 

“That was one of the features that attracted me to the school to begin with,” Svengali said, “I didn’t have the cash on hand to go to a more modern school like the University of Southern California.” 

The Scholomance Film Institute has received some criticism for their generosity. The argument is that 10 percent of the graduates have to pay the costs of the tuition waiver program. Some have suggested an advisory council to review the situation, but Svengali pooh-poohed the suggestion. 

“That’s not necessary. I’m one of the 10 percent that had to pay the full price for going there. I’ve made more than enough money through the years to pay the cost of the tuition, even considering the fact that I’m really paying for myself and nine other graduates.” 

Some former students at the Scholomance Film Institute have actually accused the owner of the privately held educational facility of being the Devil, and keeping the soul of every tenth student as a sort of black tithe. 

When asked, Svengali had this to say about the accusations, “I don’t see how anyone can take that kind of tabloid stuff seriously. I don’t even know how that story got started, maybe some bipolar writer thought it was a funny joke. Film school can kind of make you crazy, but trying to figure out why someone would make up a story like that is entirely speculative.”

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The Scholomance Film Institute is a take-off on Dracula set outside of New Orleans, post #MeToo movement. Expect its arrival in late 2019.