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Some Holiday Cheer at Zoo Lights 

I went to Pima's Zoo Lights night, and I'm really glad I did. It wasn't that crowded, although attendees said it had been in the past. There were free cookies and cocoa. I got a complimentary picture made (not with Santa, but I was tempted). 

I had my face painted. I even got a little kid's blinking glow light ring. I had no shame. The tuba embemble played at the entrance, and the guitar ensemble played while people waited in line to get their picture taken. 

There was artificial snow blowing around small…

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Postcard from A Taste of Casa Grande 2019 

A Taste of Casa Grande is the yearly fundraiser for Against Abuse. Restaurants in Casa Grande, Arizona have dozens of booths inside Eva's Mexican Restaurant. I eat more there than I do at Thanksgiving. It ends with the biggest raffle I have seen.