ISBN: 1983403172

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication Date: October 2, 2017

Invisible in the night, a drone swooped down from its bird’s-eye view. A mini-helicopter stalked the right-side rear of the vehicle 10 feet above its roof. Alone on the road, a pitch-black van, with a raven colored drone hovering above it, blended uniformly between the stars. The only object visible was the stadium lights. The light formed a crescent cutting into the field near the road in the distance. The isolated passenger hunkered down in the front, left side seat of a squarish, tall van. The vehicle was never intended to be driven in U.S.. The tense passenger chanted silently to himself. No, no, no, no no… He repeated the word with more and more emphasis the closer the black van came to the floodlights. His fists got tighter and tighter. He vicariously pulled away from the lights, and leaned into the door, shoving himself into the seat’s crevice.”

excerpt from Just Let Time Pass

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