Review from Writer's Digest Contest 2017

"I'm not sure if Landers has experience in the music scene, but the book's setting and milieu strikes me as authentic and believable. The characters are enlivened by dialogue that sounds like authentic speech, and the novel's plot moves along…


Why can't life be simple?

Why can't life be simple?

Heros are heros and fools are fools.

My heart decrees,

"Once you've been a hero,

you can never be a fool."

Leaving me crashing into its fiefdom wall.



My #MeToo quote in Bustle

I've got a quote in Bustle in regards to the #MeToo movement. To participate by not participating:


Comic Con at Casa Grande 2017

Comic Con at the Vista Grande Library in Casa Grande, AZ. July 2017. The smaller Comic Cons are good for testing different costume designs. Enjoy the day with us in retrospect. Maybe we'll see you next year?

Watch the

THIRD of July 2017 

Watch the fireworks with us! I had a chance to talk to several people before the fireworks started. There was plenty to do before it started.