Casa Grande Author's Fair 2020 -- Lynn Anders 

I’m just going to let Lynn Anders explain herself to you on the podcast. For example, Lynn describes herself as a relatively new author, yet she has written about a half-a-dozen books so far. Lynn writes contemporary romance.


Casa Grande Author's Fair 2020-- Keith Smith 

Keith Smith wrote The Kelvin Elliot Trilogy action thriller series, mainly set in Casa Grande, about a retired math teacher. The villain in the book is Sam Joy.

Be sure to read:

The Rainbow Scorpion 



Casa Grande Author's Fair 2020--Tom Betz 

Tom Betz is a retired editor of the Woodland Star News, among other credentials. Tom Betz spent 30 years writing The Fleagle Gang—his book about a criminal gang from the Roaring Twenties. Who really has the Fleagle getaway car now…


Casa Grande Author's Fair 2020 Susan Perry 

For our third installment from the Casa Grande 2020 Author's Fair, Susan Perry reads from her murder mystery, The Suite, which begins with the murder of a homeless runaway.


Casa Grande Author's Fair --Jaine Toth 

Introduced by Rod Collins, Jaine Toth tells stories from her childhood. Why would anyone call her mother the Red Witch anyway? 

Jaine Toth's upcoming book is The Arts, A Key to Spiritual Transformation. Look for her at


Bayou fantasy circa 1897

This short story by Kate Chopin was written in the Louisiana Bayou country in the late 1890s. It was published in Vogue, and is considered to be a forerunner of modern feminism. Fifteen dollars back then would be getting close…