Someone ask Al Gore if we are inviting aliens to a "car wash" for me.

I used to be up on my climate change infomercials, but it's been a few years, so I thought I'd catch up by watching an Al Gore video this afternoon:

Turns out, I had missed a lot in my absence! Right now, there are people--if I understood correctly--wanting to cool coat the planet like you would a house.

Using chalk.

Al did not sound like his usual hipster self when he poo-pooed this idea. Well, you can just call me Betty!  (with apologies to Paul Simon)

What crossed my mind after they finished seriously discussing putting a blanket of chalk around the earth was...

What's to keep some punk, teenaged alien from flying by and writing "Wash me!" on it?

My apologies to those who may have thought of this first. For all I know, there's already a plan to eliminate the budget deficit by using Earth's atmosphere as a billboard and renting the space out.

Have patience, I am merely recounting the hanging chads in my mind.



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