I found a m-audio midi interface in the bottom of my closet.

While I was looking for a battery pack for our weed eater that I have somehow misplaced--also missing is our handheld steamcleaner--I found a m-audio midisport 2x4.  Weird! I found it at the bottom of the closet with cables in a plastic grocery bag from a store in town that closed around the time of the Great Recession. It was buried underneath mementoes from elementary school. Why? How?

It has to have been there 20 years --around 9/11--given that it uses an OS 9 driver. The problem with that? I started using a piano keyboard that could output midi around 2007--not that I could use midi then, but the keyboard was capable. I didn't start learning to use a DAW until around 2011. So this midi interface pre-dates me being able to use it about 10 years. 

If a musician friend left it at our house, you know who you are, and forgot to pick it up later, let me know.  :)  wendylanders@wendylanders.com

The sad thing is that the last time I spoke with said musician friend was also over a decade ago. Neither one of us mentioned it at the time.

I can't have borrowed it and forgotten to give it back since none of our neighbors had or have home studios. 

I don't think I should throw it out, even though it can't be used anymore. I think I'll make a video of it and put it on YouTube.

Weird!  :)