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Wonder Wheels Win

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Wonder Wheels Win

Verse !:

The Wonder Wheel laughs at me
as the bittersweet slips out.
This roulette wheel spins my mind
Chance tosses its ball around.

Like a wheel a child rolls
and chases through a maze.
Playing hula hoop with Fate
laughing, then running away.

Verse 2:

The white ball drops
then stops its spin
My mind’s made up
My square wins

While wheels collide inside the maze
the exploding dream rings out.
A million ember pieces swirl
new constellations around.

Verse 3:

Does the Wheel of Fate twist
and toss beliefs around?
When it spins you through the night
flinging Life’s meaning around.

My car’s Wheels heading out
these Wonder Wheels spin.
Chasing the doubt away
Tonight I’m going to win!

Constellations talk to me
tell me I’m doin’ fine.
The Wheel of Fate’s twirling
These rings inside my mind.

Constellations talk to me
tell me I’m doin’ fine.
Tonight I’ll finish catching
these rings inside my mind.

Copyright 2019 by Wendolynn Jane Landers. All Rights Reserved.